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Friday, April 19 2019
Where Is Coaching Needed Most?

Photo by "My Life Through A Lens" on Unsplash

Do you ever find yourself thinking "Oh how I wish 'they' could get some coaching"? I admit I do!

Two of my biggest wishes are for all government leaders/politicians and medical professionals to receive and learn coaching! What a different world this would be for us individually and collectively, right?

For example, imagine having a visit with a doctor or dealing with a health-care system who saw you as whole, creative and resourceful. They were totally present with you, wanted to know what you thought, felt and desired and so asked you powerful questions. Then really listened to what you had to say and worked with you to achieve your health and well-being goals.

Wow... is it a pipe-dream? Nope, Im thrilled to say its not! There are coaches out there doing great things and making real inroads in this area. You may be one of them and bless you if you are!

I can tell you for sure that our guest this month, health & well-being lifestyle Master Coach Dr. Tim Cline is one of those coaches

To give you just two examples- after 10 years of full-time coaching, Tim returned to Pittsburgh to build a comprehensive suite of evidence-based lifestyle interventions and an ICHWC-approved health coach training program for one of the nation’s largest, fully-integrated health care systems. 

Read more about Tim and his teleclass call. He will be demonstrating his health and well-being coaching mastery in a real world session with a client he has never met and who is not in the coaching profession. After the session he will breakdown his process and answer our questions.

Please join us Monday April 29, 12-1pm EDT!

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