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Monday, October 05 2020
A Never Before Coaching Experience

Coaches often discuss amongst themselves the advantages, disadvantages, benefits and challenges of 2 predominant coaching models: the more directive/consultative approach and the straight exploratory/discovery coaching style.

What's missing is the opportunity to compare both styles to each other with the same coach, the same client and the same issue.

This Grand Trine Coaching Experience does just that!  

We will have the never before opportunity to:

  • Hear coaching sessions with the same Master Coach and the same 2 clients on each call using the two different coaching models 
  • Delve into each client's experience of the 2 models and their results 
  • Debrief with the Master Coach and ask questions about both models and sessions

Neither of the clients is in the coaching profession. One has never had coaching and the other has only had marketing coaching before. They both will meet Ben for the first time on the call. 

This series is now over but you can read all about it on the past calls page under the "Grand Trine Experience" tab.

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