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Friday, December 18 2020
Coaching Silence on Steroids

In these continuing turbulent times we are living in, what's helping you stay centered?

Silence has always been my saving grace. And now more than ever it's my lifeline. It feeds my soul and restores my mind and body. This of course is a conscious decision I make to find and rest in the stillness. 

Over the years, the benefits of spontaneous silence have become more and more intriguing to me especially within the context of the coaching conversation.

Many of the Masters on this program have powerfully demonstrated the immense value of this in-the-moment choice to allow the quiet to reveal it's magic.

On this month's coaching call with Diana Ideus we got to hear the recording of one of her coaching exam sessions that passed the ICF MCC exam! She demonstrated during this session what I am calling silence on steroids! One coach participant said "Every coach needs to hear this call." 

If you'd like to read more about this call and some of the other participants take-aways please click here and look under the MCC Exam Sessions tab.

Hope you will feel inspired to listen and marvel!

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