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Tuesday, December 07 2021
It Was a Landslide Vote!

Our guest Master Coach this month is Leadership & Team Coach Sarah Happel. She preferred that I provide the client for her coaching demo.  So I asked her what her ideal client’s struggle with. I then put out an “ad”.  After speaking with those who responded, I chose the three I felt were most appropriate.

I usually then send those to the Master Coach to select which one they prefer. However, on rare occasions as was the case with Sarah, the Master Coach doesn’t want to see the topic ahead of time!!

When this happens, I then email the three issues to the Moore Master Coaching monthly subscribers and let them vote on which one they feel would be most meaningful for them to hear the client being coached on.

This was a first!!! Everyone except for one person, chose the same client. So, who is this client and what is the compelling topic that won by a landslide?

He is not a coach and has never been coached before. Here's what he submitted:


"I am the founder and CEO of an Investment Group, a registered investment advisory firm. I started the firm when I was 24 and became the youngest founder of an RIA firm in the State of Ohio’s history. I’ve been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, the Washington Post, CNN Business, Authority Magazine, etc. And I really don’t say that to brag, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I say that because I have horrible imposter syndrome. I just feel like a fraud because I’m not as experienced or as smart as other people and I am too young to be running an investment firm. I am the youngest person at my company. Think about how crazy it is that the CEO of the company is the youngest and least experienced of the whole company."

Fascinated? So are many of us!

How will a Master coach this client? Come and find out on Thursday December 16, 1-2:15pm EST 

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