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Tuesday, September 11 2012

One of the greatest benefits for me in listening to master coaches coaching is the continual reminder that for the coach, coaching is so much more about "being" rather than "doing".

After all, being is the foundation & impetus from which any doing arises. If I’m not centered, present or trusting etc. then what is the quality and impact of the doing going to be?

It's easy to get caught up in the wanting to help, to ask that transformational question, to give invaluable feedback.  As well as wanting the client to get moving – set goals and have actionable steps.  And the belief can be that in order for the client to move forward in any significant way these actions are essential.

But I'm witnessing again and again the power of presence, simply being and genuinely being with. It becomes more and more obvious after listening to so many sessions that a lot of people are truly starved for the following: to be heard & seen and to be recognized & acknowledged.

Again not just for what they've done but even more importantly for who they are. If the client is able to feel and receive these things, the transformation is immediately palpable.

We are definitely a society of doers, where actions and accomplishments are praised and rewarded. And when something occurs in our lives where we are no longer able to perform, oftentimes we feel lost and worthless.

We are in my opinion putting the cart before the horse. What we do is NOT who we are. And until we really “get” and appreciate that, I believe the castles we are building are made of sand.

I thank the Master Coaches who have so exquisitely modeled the quality of being I aspire to.
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