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Benefits of listening to a Master Coach coaching session:

For all coaches:

  • prove to yourself once again the powerful benefits of the coaching process
  • hear the Master Coach breakdown their process   
  • gain a deeper experience of the level of greatness that you want to aspire to 
  • renew your motivation
  • achieve new inspiration
  • reinforce your passion for the profession
  • connect with the mind-stream of the profession
  • ask any questions you may have

For the student coach:

  • experience the rhythm and flow of a professional session
  • hear the skills and tools that you are learning being masterfully put into action
  • get exposure to different coaching niches and styles
  • experience a coach being coached, which can provide a wonderful example of the client who is more aware and self reflective
  • hear "real world" clients being coached, which can be a vastly different experience, one the new coach is often not prepared for and can find very challenging

For the newer professional coach:

  • receive validation of your own skills and abilities leading to increased confidence 
  • hear superb skills being masterfully applied
  • experience how a Master handles challenging situations and issues
  • witness the Master Coaches ongoing relationship with their "real world" client at different stages of their process and progress
  • hear Master Coaches from different niches and learn ways to deal with similar issues you may have with your clients, regardless of your niche

For the seasoned professional coach:

  • open new vistas and perspectives
  • become refreshed and rejuvenated
  • learn from the expertise of your peers
  • hear different interpretations of the art of coaching
  • experience how your peers "dance in the moment"

At what stage in our career do we decide we no longer need to learn, grow and be inspired? And who better to provide this education and inspiration than the Masters?

Yes, there is something profound for every coach in listening to a Master coaching session.

 Benefits of listening to coaching in niches different from your own:

Coaches don't coach the niche, they coach the person and the "issues" that support, distract, hinder that person from achieving their dreams and goals within the particular niche. These issues such as fear, lack of clarity, confidence, focus, prioritization, limiting beliefs, judgments are things that are universal.

To hear masterful coaching of these issues in different contexts opens and broadens the horizon for coaches. It provides revelations as well as actual skills and tools for coaching within their own niche.  Sooner or later our clients will present topics that could be classified as a different niche e.g., grief, career, retirement or health.  Having heard the way a Master coaches the issues around these subjects will be invaluable.

Benefits of the Q & A segment with the Master Coach:

  • inquire about the Masters' coaching session that you just heard
  • hear how they started, how they got clients etc.
  • explore their process, skills and techniques
  • learn from the best, one who has been there, done that - saving you time, energy, money and heartache
  • discover what they're passionate about and what brings them inspiration
  • obtain specific answers pertaining to the different niches and styles
  • learn how they manage the business aspect of their practice- what tools, services and resources have worked best for them
  • discover how you might improve some aspect of your own business 
  • receive advice and recommendations

Explore anything else you would like to with Master Coaches!

Coaches, welcome to the experience that has finally found its time!

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