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Saturday, August 15 2020
Fran Fisher MCC

Where do coaches get stuck the most? Learn from an ICF Master Coach, Mentor and Assessor!

Fran Fisher will explain how to break through and take the Coaching Agreement to the next level.

We will explore the 3 vital areas:

  • Taking the clients exploration of their underlying issue deeper 
  • Measuring for success
  • Inviting the client to lead

Then to deepen and anchor the learning, we'll be listening to Frans demonstration of these areas at the master level in a real world session.

And finally to drive the learning home, we'll have a debrief and Q&A.

This call provides the full spectrum of learning!

Can it get any better than this? Oh yes it can, the call privides 1.5 CEU's!

Join us 8/27, 1-2:30pm EDT.

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