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Saturday, February 22 2020

Read more about the adventure and please come with us!

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Friday, February 14 2020
Meaningful Gift From Me to You!

As my Valentine’s Day gift of love, I am sharing with you a short video. It has nothing specifically to do with coaching and yet in my opinion has everything to do with coaching. It has everything to do with everything. It is mastery in action on every level that truly matters.

In coaching we talk about how important it is to explore not just the "doing" but even more importantly the "being".  In this video, Frank Ostaceski is "being" so real that it pierces the heart and the soul.  For me, it is the most moving and important interview I have ever been blessed to witness.

I hesitate to build it up so much as I guess there's a chance you may watch it and say whaaaaat? Granted it may not touch you to the extent it has me but I can't imagine there isn't something worthwhile in it for everyone. If nothing else, the very last thing he says is so powerful and speaks to very heart of coaching. To be able to take it to that level would revolutionize our lives.

I was very fortunate to meet this man when I worked for hospice in NYC. Frank is a pioneer in end of life care, he co-founded the Zen Hospice Project in San Fransisco and founded the Metta Institute to train others. I take Frank’s classes whenever I can and love his book; The 5 Invitations: What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully

In this 17 minute video, Frank shares the extraordinarily challenging journey he has been on. His rawness, vulnerability, honesty, humor and wisdom are disruptively moving and I am not the same person I was before watching it.

I hope you'll watch it and let me know what you honestly think.

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