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Thursday, December 27 2018
Because of Coaching!

How important is "pure" coaching to you? If it is, you'll really appreciate the masterful session with Sue Sheldon MCC!

Here are just some of the participant take-aways:

  • "That call with Sue was probably one of the best calls I have listened to. Thank you. I am staying with Moore Master Coaching for yet another year and I am hoping that this time next year you are able to read out my name as a newly minted MCC." 
  • "Several ways to pull from the client that which she already knows."
  • "Using the 3 part questions Sue identified in order to set the contract."

Read more take-aways and all about the call -under the "executive" or "life" tab.

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Friday, December 21 2018
Happy Holidays!
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Monday, December 10 2018
Sue Sheldon MCC

Sue Sheldon is a business, entrepreneur and life coach. She says all coaching is life coaching!

Sue will be coaching someone who has never been coached before and this will be the first time that they have ever met or spoken. Sue knows nothing about the client or even her topic.

Join us Monday December 17, 12-1pm ET.

Read more about Sue and her call.

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Friday, December 07 2018
Because of Coaching!

Seeing is believing!

Getting to witness a coaching Super-Vision session is so cool. You really understand it's immense value to coaches & to our clients.

Here are just a few of the take-aways from the Damian Goldvarg Ph.D, MCC call:

  • "Reflecting on is there a possibility there is something we have not seen here together, and offering that inquiry to my client to co-create."
  • "Process of examining parallel processes in supervision that may mirror what is going on with client. This can be helpful in addressing challenges/impasses in work together."
  • "Asking myself the question: Am I challenging enough with my clients?"

To read about the call and see more take-aways - under the "coaching supervision" tab

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