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Tuesday, July 24 2018
Judith Cohen CPCC, MCC

Your hearing will transform as you take your listening to a whole new level! 

Come learn about true listening from Judy when she discusses it from her perspective of being deaf.

Then witness those skills in action as she coaches a real world session with someone she doesnt know.

There will as always be time for Q&A.

Join us tomorrow Wednesday July 25, 2018  3-4pm EDT.

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Tuesday, July 17 2018
July 2018 Free Resources

In case we missed them, WBECS is allowing us for a limited time to still listen to 5 of their favorite Pre-Summit Sessions


David Clutterbuck
Leading Authority in Developmental Coaching & Mentoring
"Getting Down and Dirty: Coaches Ignore Politics at Your Peril"

David Drake 
Global Thought Leader On Narrative Coaching
"Only the Shadow Knows: Helping Clients Learn from Adversity"

Judith E. Glaser 
World’s leading authority on Conversational Intelligence®
"The Neuroscience of Success: Healthy Cells, Healthy Cultures - Part 1"

Marcia Reynolds MCC 
Director, ICF Global Board, Globally Renowned Behavioural Scientist & Business Coach
"How to Coach the Person, Not the Problem, to Create Breakthroughs"

(Marcia was a MMC guest. You can read about her call here under the "leadership" tab)

Michael Bungay Stanier 
World-Renowned Author, Business Coach & Senior Partner of Box of Crayons
"How to Avoid Being Coached: Five Ways to Be Slippery, Evasive, Elusive and Annoying"

Read More

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Tuesday, July 10 2018
Being Deaf Transforms Listening

Can you imagine being in the middle of a sentence and suddenly not being able to hear the words that are coming out of your mouth? Seriously think about it a minute. How intense and frightening! 

Judy Cohen CPCC, MCC had this exact experience of becoming deaf. And miraculously she continued her coaching practice.

“After coaching sessions, clients often asked, “How do you pick up the subtlest of cues when you’re deaf? You can’t hear a thing!” I’d respond, “I’m sorry that you’re not deaf, otherwise you’d hear the way I do.”

Now imagine the lessons she has to share and how it might transform your way of listening.

Read more.

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Friday, July 06 2018
Because of Coaching!

Some of the participant take-aways from the coaching session we heard with Julie Colbrese CPCC, MCC:

  • Very powerful witnessing such a major shift in the client when her own stated value early on was later brilliantly applied to a block she was experiencing!
  • Great questions that drilled down on clarifying the “goal”
  • I really liked her style, slow and clear language, great use of powerful questions, loved her presence, really felt the love and genuine care for the client. 
  • This was a pure fulfillment call(CTI terminology)and a good reminder of how the use of values and acknowledgement lights up the client and helps her claim her most powerful self.
  • I especially liked the discussion around “difficult” clients during the Q & A.
  • I loved her use of the client’s metaphor with the tree example, and how she kept tying that back in through the entire session.
  • A reminder of how marketing can be fun if we focus on our gifts as coaches.
  • The skillful use of metaphor was very powerful for the client. 
  • Use of intuition to decide best approach to proceed when at a crossroads in the coaching, things to factor in to whether to take one path or another

If youd like to read more about the call and additional feedback you can do so here. You'll find Julies call under the Executive tab.

Want to learn more about Julie? 

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