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Saturday, February 11 2017

Follow Your Inner Shaman
by Margie Gordillo MCC
(MMC guest master coach and blogger)

To be taken seriously in his or her tribe as a true healer, the ancient shaman had to return from death or a near-death experience, or from the brink of insanity. The shaman knows the only way to deeper truth leading to profound healing is to walk through the dark side of the inner self. And it’s that darker side of us, our shadow, that keeps hidden the full truth of who we are – our authentic selves. Hidden from our deepest truth, we are blocked from our greatest authentic resourcefulness.

Fortunately, leaders today don’t need anything so dramatic as near-death experiences to be taken seriously, or to find their truest expression.

But neither is it easy.

As a descendent of Nicaragua’s Nicoya tribe, a Shamanic mountain tribe revered for their intuitive and healing gifts, intuition has always come easy to me. Authenticity has not.

Our shadows create unconscious blocks to our strongest expressions of authentic leadership and honest communication, impacting our every choice. Over time, we build up defenses, patterns, and habits to help us cope, often not recognizing how much energy goes to hiding shame, blame and inadequacy that the shadow clings to. Those coping mechanisms lurk beneath the surface of our consciousness, cause us to give up our power, and keep us from boldly and intuitively living our lives with confidence, compassion, resourcefulness and strength.

             We’re gifted at different times in our lives to take that dark walk.

When we’re ready, or when it’s thrust upon us, there are tools such as the Enneagram that can help. I’ll explore some of these in future posts.

For now, recognize we all have blocks to our greater potential. It’s the chatter in our heads that says we’re wrong, we don’t have what it takes (not really), everything’s my fault… Some of you may be saying to yourself, “I’ve already worked through that,” and you’re right. And yet, we’re always given another chance to take a deeper look, to peel off the proverbial layers.

To fully, completely live an authentic life, we must dive into our deeper selves with the fearlessness of a shaman, the courage of a soldier, and the heart of a lion. When we do this, then, and only then, will we live with passion and authenticity. 

copyright @2017 all rights reserved

About Margie: Feeling unsatisfied with her executive corporate success, Margie left her job behind to embark on a Shamanic journey, 'coincidentally' on September 11, 2001 -- the same day the U.S. experienced a great destruction to some of its core structure.

​Allowing her own construct of reality to deconstruct, she discovered the essence of her authentic self, embracing her Nicoya Shaman roots from her Nicaraguan heritage. Learning inner stillness and connecting to nature as simple, yet divine, Margie discovered the deep powers of intuition that her rational mind up to that point had resisted.

​Eventually, she was guided to intuitive life coaching as an answer to her question: Where and how do I make the greatest impact for positive change using my natural gifts?
Margie is an International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach with more than a decade of professional coaching experience. Also a Certified Mentor Coach, Margie has trained and mentored scores of individuals and members of large organizations seeking ICF certification .

She was first certified as a co-active coach from the Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco, followed by advanced training at inviteChange in Seattle, both highly acclaimed organizations in the coaching industry. 

​Margie holds a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

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