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Wednesday, February 28 2018

I created Inside the World of Master Coaching, a tele-class series giving coaches a chance to observe and learn from mastery in action by listening to the masters coaching real world sessions then answering questions.

I did so because I firmly believe that in order to become masterful, to work towards mastery it is imperative that we study with and watch the masterful as they do what they do best!

So don't waste time, energy and money instead go straight to the top, to the masters!

Where you will:

  • get the purest and greatest learning
  • make greater leaps and bounds at a quicker pace
  • receive transformational insights and inspiration
  • avoid learning bad habits and being taught incomplete or misinformation.  

This is why Moore Master Coaching is also proud to be sponsoring this year’s most important event: Essence of Mastery Summit - created and hosted by two masters Fran Fisher MCC and Annie Gelfand MCC.

They, along with 6 other masterful coaches, will each be sharing their mastery on a vital coaching topic near and dear to their heart. And CEUs are available!

By the way, all except one (and Im working on him!) of the MCCs in the summit have been or will be a guest on the MMC teleclass series! One will be coming on in March and the other in April and you can read about their calls here. You can read more about the other calls on the past calls page.

Be sure to check out the Essence of Mastery Summit, you don’t want to miss it! Early bird rate available for a limited time only!

And if you're ready to hear what masterful coaching sounds like, get a free sneak peak of my series.

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Tuesday, February 27 2018

How lucky are we? Not only did we hear Mickey Parsons Psy.D, BCC, MCC coaching a real world client then talking about his process, we learned about Positive Psychology Coaching as well as the research findings of his dissertation on its impact on mid-life executives! Read more about the call, his coaching demonstration and participant feedback.

This was fun, fascinating, informative and made me very excited for the future of the coaching profession! 

Having these scientific results are very valuable and I hope and trust more of this type of research will be done on other coaching models.

Mickey is very generous in allowing me to post the journal article as well as the actual dissertation in case you want to really delve in.


Positive Psychology Coaching and Its Impact on Midlife Executives

The journal article

The dissertation

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Wednesday, February 14 2018
February 2018 Free Resources


Molly Gordon MCC (previous MMC guest)

In this post Molly talks about the Three Principles by Sydney Banks and how she sees them as the "source code" for coaching.  Learn about them and how she plans to revolutionize the ICF and coaching standards! What a power house Molly is and how dedicated to our profession! This is fascinating- you'll want to read more.


In this video interview, Marshall Goldsmith and Jim Yong Kim, M.D., Ph.D., 12th President of the World Bank Group will take you behind the scenes of their coaching engagement, revealing how coaching has dramatically shifted Dr. Kim’s leadership style and with it the organizational structure and levels of impact the World Bank Group is able to achieve.

You will learn why Marshall has been happily coaching Dr. Kim at no-cost for almost a decade, which leadership approach created the most impact, why Dr. Kim calls Marshall “the greatest leadership coach on earth” and much more. 

Video interview and transcript courtesy of WBECS


Ben Dooley MCC (previous MMC guest)

Ben offers free monthly coaching skills forum calls. 
There is no other place that explores coaching skills to such amazing depths and levels.
And with as much fun as Ben provides!

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Monday, February 05 2018
Not to Fear but a Really Timely Warning to Prepare!

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Powerful is definitely the word to describe the call with Master Coach David Goldsmith last month. He did and said things that surprised and wowed us all, both in the coaching session and during the bonus Q&A.

This is what one participant had to say: “Brilliant coaching! David not only challenged the client, he challenged me to think about how I can add more value as a coach. His provocative comments about the future of coaching should be heeded by every coach.”

Those provocative comments in essence were that every day there are more and more people coming into the coaching profession. Every day coaches are growing and becoming "good" coaches.

But soon, good is not going to be good enough because he believes Alexa will soon take over that role! Then people will be able to receive coaching on a daily basis. Therefore human coaching rates will have to drop considerably and we will be in less demand... unless... we become a great coach, a provocative, risk taking coach.

As I said during the call- wow of all the things in life to be concerned about, this is one I had not even considered. But from my experience everything that at first seems troublesome, when looked at on a deeper level actually provides a much needed precious gift.

The gem that popped up first for me is that this is an important, timely reminder to not become complacent and a fabulous impetus to do whatever it takes to become greater! 

Here's to an exiting adventure!

To read about David's call and more comments from the participants go to the past calls page 

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