Pat Williams MCC

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 Pat Williams MCC   

Pat Williams, Ed.D, MCC, BCC
Adventurer, Life & Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker.
Also known as “Indiana Jones of the Interior.”

Dr. Patrick Williams is a psychologist turned Executive Coach (HP, IBM, Kodak) Philanthropist and Educator. Here’s how he explains his professional journey.

“My life is an adventure driven by curiosity. I’ve always wondered why people think, act and react to experiences in diverse and unexpected ways... Why some are amazingly resilient while others get stuck, even lock themselves up in self-created prisons.

After 15 years as a practicing therapist, I became one of the coaching industry’s founding pioneers, took up my metaphorical machete, and began trailblazing. I helped found the ICF, built The Institute for Life Coach Training, (a school for therapists wanting to follow my lead into coaching) and began “Coaching the Global Village" to deliver the power of the coach approach to communities of all sizes, in developing nations.

Today my Coach Training books continue to sell well and my  Coaching School is thriving under new ownership. I still coach private clients, write for the Forbes Coaching Council, speak to live groups and teach on webcasts, mostly from my 7th book, "Getting Naked (With Your Clothes On)."

This publication, and the new program it inspired, are my "Living Legacy." They leverage the full spectrum of my experience as an academic, entrepreneur, psychologist, teacher, philanthropist and coach. They draw on my coaching and therapy work with countless business leaders, professionals, coaches, Navy SEALS, incarcerated and paroled inmates, and citizens in resource poor locations.

Conscious Living Mastery or ("Getting Naked (With Your Clothes On)" is a program that takes participants on exciting inner adventures, blazes trails for new, more enjoyable choices, and more effective life strategies. It guides them to uncover hidden passions, release limiting beliefs, reclaim their power, fulfill their deepest needs, pursue their life’s purpose, build deep rich relationships with themselves and others."

Awards and Affiliations
A founding member of the International Coach Federation, Dr. Williams is an inaugural recipient of its Circle of Distinction Award, a Master Certified Coach, a Board Certified Coach, a Coach for the US Navy SEAL Future Fund, and a member of the Forbes Coaching Council.

As an Educator, he is a Founding Member of Harvard University’s Institute of Coaching department and Chair of the Coaching Psychology Program at the International University of Professional Studies. He has taught graduate students at Colorado State University, Denver University, Loyola University, City University of London, served as a curriculum consultant for the Coaching Certificate program at Fielding International University, and was named Educator of the Year by the New England Educational Institute (2008).

Dr. Williams is also Past President of ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations) a Global Visionary Fellow (Foundation of Coaching) an Honorary VP of the International Society for Coaching Psychology, and a Lifetime Member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology.

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