Michael J. Marx MCC

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Michael J. Marx MBA, EdD, MCC, CMCC
Executive & Communication Coach

Michael Marx works with clients around the world to help them lead their teams to better production and profitability. Leadership communication and process management are the two main improvements his clients quickly gain. He offers a wealth of international experience and best practice knowledge to help CEOs, department heads, business owners and non-profit leaders move forward. Dr. Marx has been teaching for over 30 years at the graduate and undergraduate level courses in Communication, Leadership, Management, Economics, International Business, International Finance, Importing/Exporting, and a few others. Michael is an honoured member of the Ethics Community of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and holds the designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC). He is known for his depth of knowledge in ethics, risk management, process management, and cross-cultural adaptation. Those who work with him say he is organized, encouraging, energetic, and funny. He has recently become the Administrator of the Success Unlimited Network5, and international body of highly experienced coaches specializing in MCC level coach training.

Michael began his career in Berlin, Germany as a language consultant and non-profit leader. Just before the fall of “The Wall,” he returned to the USA to pursue his MBA with an emphasis on international business and marketing. During this time of his life, he also worked with troubled teenagers and taught in the local university. He discovered his love for helping people move forward. Thereafter he became a consultant with MMCA specializing in risk management and long-term fiscal planning. In 1995 he moved his family to Hannover, Germany where he again took various teaching positions and became the leader of the Bonifatius Gemeinde.

Working with international leaders and managers is his greatest joy. He is an expert at establishing what is called a “learning culture.” This occurs when the entire staff is on board with the company’s vision and mission, melding Organizational Development (OD) with Personnel Development (PD).

In 2012 – 2014 he lived in Alaska to help his wife start a dog sledding business. They now live in Colorado, USA with 22 huskies. From this location, Michael works online as an executive coach1, process consultant2, university instructor3, and non-profit leader4. His clients sit in Germany, Thailand, Dubai, Turkey, Canada, and the USA. He is also a Certified Professional Ski Instructor.

He works via video conferencing and telephone in both German and in English.

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