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Marion Franklin MCC
Life Coach

Marion Franklin, MCC is a gifted coach who is exceptionally dedicated to her clients and is sought after for her laser–like approach and direct communication ("…The wisest voice, the consistent wisdom, the real deal…") She is well trained and brings vast experience to her work, and she continuously helps clients and coaches change their lives and reach their potential. 

Marion’s book, The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching: A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching was written for coaches at all experience levels. In a short time, it sold over 10,000 copies and has been highly acclaimed by seasoned coaches. Often, she has been an invited guest author to discuss her material with coaches who have formed book clubs.

Marion serves as a supervisory coach and examiner for developing coaches in a University executive coaching program. In the past, she served as an examiner for the Columbia University Coaching Certification program. She has presented several of the Coaching Core Competencies at various ICF Conferences and ICF chapters. Executives from the following corporations have sought Marion's coaching expertise: Abbott Laboratories, Exxon–Mobil, Reader's Digest, Toys "R" Us, PepsiCo, AT&T, Prudential, JP Morgan Chase, Kraft Foods, Maryknoll Brothers and Sisters, and the US Tennis Association. She coaches executives as well as entrepreneurs to hone their leadership qualities, enhance communication skills, and strengthen interpersonal relations and is in demand for her laser approach and direct style of coaching.

Aside from coach training and mentoring, Marion finds it critical to maintain individual coaching clients. It's through her clients and mentees, that she is richly rewarded as they move closer to their vision. She has worked with leaders in large corporations dealing with the stresses of the workplace as well as clients who want to get into (or out of) a relationship. She loves working with people who are experiencing a conflict or struggle in any of their relationships: boss, employee, co–worker, significant other, family dynamics, etc. 

For 12 years, she attended the School of Practical Philosophy that emphasizes putting philosophical principles into practical terms. She is a member of ICF – New York City Chapter and has a master’s degree in Business and in Education, co–founded a healthcare publishing company, and taught High School Business Education. In her spare time, Marion takes drawing classes and plays bridge and resides in Tarrytown, New York.

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