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Kiki Ramsey Ph.D, MCC

Dr. Kiki Ramsey is a Positive Psychologist and Executive Coach that helps organizations transform their people by using positive psychology and diversity, equity and inclusion approaches to coaching and training.

As the CEO of The Positive Psychology Coaching and Diversity Institute (PPCaDI), a leadership development firm that specializes in driving diverse organizational change utilizing positive psychology and DEI approaches to coaching, Dr. Kiki inspires employees to tap into their purpose, courage, and belonging, so they can do the work they love and love the work they do.

Dr. Kiki has extensive skills and knowledge in the areas of positive psychology, resilience, the meaning of life, organizational and leadership development, diversity and inclusion, women’s leadership, and advancement.

Dr. Kiki is passionate about helping people obtain the knowledge they need to ultimately find their true calling doing the work they love. For over 10 years she has studied,

researched, coached and taught hundreds to succeed. She draws on her background in business, psychology, and coaching to equip people with the necessary tools to impact their leadership effectiveness, resiliency, and career advancement.

She is the author of Get Courageous Now: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Passions and Purpose in Life, a book offering women a step-by-step guide to radically breakthrough

the mindset of fear and find true meaning doing what they love.

Dr. Kiki is committed to helping people thrive and her teaching/coaching philosophy promotes an environment where everyone can be an active positive participant in their

own learning. Dr. Kiki is a regular contributor on and has a Master’s in Social Work and Positive Psychology Coaching and a Ph.D. in Business Psychology/IO.

Hear Kiki Ramsey MCC master coaching demonstration and if its after February 22, 2023, go to the past calls page and look under the "Executive" tab.