Clare Norman MCC

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 Clare Norman MCC   

Clare Norman MCC
Leadership & Transitions, Mentor Coach & Coaching Supervision 

With over 20 years of coaching experience, Clare Norman MCC is highly sought after by other experienced coaches, as well as successful coach training companies as a Master Mentor Coach.

Clare looks to continually sharpen individuals’ coaching edge and upskill mentor coaches so they can deliver high-quality feedback to their coaches-in-development.

Her laser focus on mindset shifts and her knack for spotting marginal gains has made her a go-to person for coaches looking for mentorship and practical, meaningful ways to improve their practice.

With an international following of both her coaching peers and senior leadership, Clare is making a difference to the world of work via the professional application of coaching.

Tap into all that Clare has learned about becoming a masterful coach in The Transformational Coach: Free Your Thinking and Break Through to Coaching Mastery

Read more about Clare’s background and connect with her at or write to her at

To read about Clare Norman MCC Master Coaching session demonstration from her ICF MCC Exam. If after October 25, 2023, read all about the call with participant taqke-aways on the past calls page. Scroll down to the "Locate by Different Types of Demos" under the "MCC Exam Sessions" tab.