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Tuesday, October 29 2019
The Places We Go By Hearing the Masters Coachng!

The call with Master Coach Helen House demonstrates many masterful skills. Especially important is for coaches to be able to hear how to be with emotional issues, keep it light and moving forward!

  • “That was marvelous - the master modeling AND all of Helen's self ownership, insights and inspirational give back.
  • ”“Helen is FABULOUS! A worthy role model at every level.”
  • “A beautiful demonstration of coaching. Also enjoyed the discussion around how the coach deals with “heavy” issues.”
  • “I’d love to be able to use acknowledgment as easily and natural as the coach did in the call.”
  • “Call was deep enough to be as therapeutic as a therapy session, but in the context of coaching and present/future orientation. So masterful!”
  • “The dance between the coach and client was electric.”

To read all about the call and more participant take-aways go to the past calls page and look under the "transformational" tab.

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