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Friday, October 26 2018

Leadership Issues, Part 4: How Leaders Learn

by Mickey Parsons Psy.D, MCC, BCC
(MMC guest master coach and blogger)

In the fourth of four posts looking at the results of a Workplace Coach survey of 109 business leaders, we look at the critical topic of learning. 

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Effective leaders know that their own continuous learning is essential, and most are hungry for growth, new knowledge and improvement. When we asked leaders how they prefer to learn, the largest share (27.6%) named discussions with others as their preference, followed in equal measure by coaching or mentoring and by reading.

When I look at these results, I suspect there is overlap between “discussions with others” and “coaching/mentoring” and that taken together these two responses point to the kinds of developmental relationships that are pivotal for effective leaders.

We also know that most leaders learn best by taking on challenging assignments. This means it makes sense for you to cultivate developmental relationships with individuals who will encourage you to learn by doing. You want people who will challenge and support you as you expand your roles and responsibilities to include new and innovative projects and building new teams and capabilities.

Ultimately, we all need mentors and coaches in our work and personal lives. We develop wisdom from those who are more knowledgeable and experienced and who have a good understanding of human nature. Who can help you learn new skills? What stretch assignment will enhance your leadership acumen?

Make a list today of the formal learning opportunities, the developmental relationships and the challenging assignments that will help you become a more confident and effective leader in 2018. Then map out a schedule for how and when you will make it happen.

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