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Thursday, September 06 2018

Linda Anderson MCC is an expert in the area of ADHD coaching. On her Moore Master Coaching call last month she first demonstrated a "real world" coaching session with someone she'd never met and who had never been coached before. After debriefing she then expanded our understanding of the ADHD brain and gave us wonderful tips on how to work with clients who are or have ADHD tendencies.

Here are some of the participant take-aways:

  • I really like when Linda asked Christina to be an “objective observer” of her thinking
  • I really liked the idea of containment - what are the boundaries I need to hold to for the container I provide for my clients?
  • I appreciated when she talked about how the ADHD brain works, and her normalizing the client, that it’s not who you are, it’s the traits of the brain. And the advice about being kind to yourself. She had a very kind, caring, and supportive demeanor. And she helped the client to visualize what she needs to put into place in order to achieve her goal.
  • Working the competencies to maximize impact for clients who have attention span challenges
  • Don’t be afraid to step outside the box (move from strict coaching to a bit of education/more pointed questions) to really help the client focus
  • I appreciated the suggestion that coaches learn how different brains work. Also, the suggestions about how to phrase a conversation regarding a potential referral.
  • To continue to get better at drilling down--assisting a client to name what’s wanted by the end of the session.
  • Linda’s sense of calm and her slow pace with pauses was wonderful to experience. As a coach I sometimes end up mimicking the frenzy and excitement of my ADHD client, so it was good to hear how she set the tone of consistent tranquility. Especially with teenage clients, I don’t want to bore them. It’s good to hear that you can be calm yet not boring.

Click here to read more about the call - under the "ADHD" tab.

Read Linda Andersons bio

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