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Tuesday, August 07 2018
Because of Coaching!

Wow! Judy Cohen MSW, CPCC, MCC talked about being deaf and how it's transformed her hearing and listening! She then demonstrated those masterful skills in a coaching session.

Here are some of the participant take-aways:

  • My concept of hearing and listening is changed forever. Judy is a tremendous inspiration and has inspired me to explore using all my senses and my other gifts and internal resources. Great call! Thanks.
  • Judy’s coaching blew me away. I think she has amazing intuition and was able to figure out the underlying issue very fast. Very transformational session. 
  • Listening from the deepest place beyond words yields the big breakthroughs fast!
  • Don’t make resistance wrong. Brilliant The more I resist the client’s resistance, the stronger it will become. Meet resistance with curiosity and use it to inform your coaching
  • Judy’s ability to listen at a deeper level is inspiring! I love the term “Felt Experience”The beauty of listening with the group mind--listening for the deep felt experience
  • Judy’s in depth explanation around using her other senses and trusting in her body (intuition) is a valuable takeway for me that I will continue to practice. Also, how she described knowing when to interrupt a client (clients tone of voice/which part is speaking), was good information for me to practice identifying during my sessions.
  • We can’t let our clients;(or our own) stories usurp the power that lies within each of us. This, for me, was the thing that most resonated, along with the deepening of the 3rd level of listening which Judy has truly perfected.
  • The power of listening to the energy of the client and then clarifying what the coach has heard.
  • Interrupting to bring the client present to their strengths and what they are communicating at a deeper level than words, when they are resisting and focused on the negative.
  • Deep coaching that is transformational can happen in 30 minutes or less with a coach that is willing to interrupt and challenge
  • Listening from the deepest place beyond words yields the big breakthroughs fast!

If youd like to read more about the call you can do so here. You'll find Judy's call under the Coach's Coach tab.

Want to read more about Judy and her incredible story? 

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