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Thursday, March 15 2018


Mickey Parsons Psy.D, BCC, MCC

How lucky are we? Not only did we hear Mickey Parsons Psy.D, BCC, MCC coaching a real world client then talking about his process, we learned about Positive Psychology Coaching as well as the research findings of his dissertation on its impact on mid-life executives! Read more about the call and participant feedback.

This was fun, fascinating, informative and made me very excited for the future of the coaching profession! 

Having these scientific results are very valuable and I hope and trust more of this type of research will be done on other coaching models.

Mickey is very generous in allowing me to post the journal article as well as the actual dissertation in case you want to really delve in.


Positive Psychology Coaching and Its Impact on Midlife Executives

The journal article

The dissertation


Judith E. Glaser- Conversational Intelligence

During this 90 minute no-cost Immersion Experience you will discover how understanding the neurochemistry of our brains allows us to create sustainable change for our clients, one conversation at a time.
There are a number of dates still available but seats are filling up fast!


Meg Mann MCC

Energy Matters for Coaches!


Listen to the masterful Meg Mann MCC on this podcast and learn all about how to master your energy in your coaching exchanges.

Meg was a guest Master Coach on MMC's Inside the World of Master Coaching tele-class series. Read more about her real world coaching demonstration and participant feedback. 

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