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Thursday, October 12 2017
When Chaos Hits, Do We Practice What We Preach?

By Gail Moore CPC

"Chaotic" is being used a lot nowadays to describe the world we live in. So what's the opportunity? For me it's how can I be the eye of the hurricane?

I had a chance to work on it while going through an actual hurricane :-) and the chaos of waiting and preparing for Irma's potential devastation.

The biggest test: with the frantic voices of others saying "Oh my God get out" and the dire radar predictions from the weather folks- could I get still, listen and trust my own inner knowing?

Everyday for a week prior, in meditation I did just that and everytime the answer consistently was to "stay put".

I truly believe we can not escape our destiny. So many people have left to avoid hurricanes only to run right into them.

So I knew that following this inner guidance didn't necessarily mean everything was going to turn out great according to my ego but just that this was where I was suppose to be. And for me not trusting myself would have been the real catastrophe.

Thank goodness everything turned out well in my area. And although the debris it stirred up within me has ranged from uncomfortable to painful, the rewards so far have been off the charts!

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