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Thursday, September 08 2016

By Annie Gelfand CPCC, MCC
MMC guest blogger & this months (9/28) guest master coach

Have you ever done this? The same thing over and over again hoping for a different result? I have.

I have tried so hard to understand my past. So many of our helping professions focus on the past. They think that by delving in deeply, they will loosen the attachment and give space for something different.

And that definitely has a place – until it doesn’t. Ultimately I reached a point where focusing on the past stuck me there. I finally got that doesn’t change anything. The past is over. Telling the story over and over keeps you stuck in your story – until you find that place where you are truly free from the past – where all the emotional turmoil and limitations you bought about you and the world around you is unseated.

This is not to say to the past has no relevance. On the contrary. What can you take away from the past that will change your future?

What choices do I have now that I never had before? What if I create my future with every choice I make today? What if all choices create your tomorrow? What tomorrow can I create with my choice today that will create beyond this reality?

Copyright Annie Gelfand 2016 All Rights Reserved

Annie has been coaching individuals, teams and relationships to make radical change since 1997 and has been in business for over 30 years. A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, and several advanced coach training hours, she brings a diverse range of life experiences, which includes a 15-year career in strategic marketing, a Master of Business Administration Degree and learning the art of meditation in rural India for 8 years.

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