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Wednesday, September 11 2013

 Make 'Being Enough' a Game!
                        by Carol Courcy NCOC, MCC
                           (MMC guest master coach & blogger)

Calling all perfectionists and procrastinators!

Have you hit the brick wall of frustration and overwhelm? Want to know the singular reason you hit it? TAKE A DEEP BREATH!  Here it is… Many in this branch of the ‘never enough club’ make sure we never quite make it. We are constantly challenging ourselves to be and do more. We postpone finishing tasks and projects as there’s always more we could do.  On top of that we are often mean to ourselves. (I am so stupid, lazy, irresponsible etc.)  Or we berate ourselves. (I could do better. I should have done more… etc.)  

Unconsciously or consciously, we have a habit of always coming up short and rarely if ever feel truly satisfied. (Never quite making it is after all how we WIN at the game of ‘never enough.’)

What if you started playing the ‘enough game’?

If you GENUINELY want what you’ve been postponing, your desire may be beyond you’re your current capacity, skill level or level of emotional agility.  Instead of being embarrassed or ashamed, breathe a sigh of relief.  Your eyes are simply bigger than your stomach!

Decision point… Satisfaction–being pleased with your efforts–is TRULY a choice.  Do you want to be right about your insufficiencies or satisfied with your efforts? 

If you choose the latter, here’s the doorway:

   1.  What 3 doable steps put you on the right path to what you desire?  (Simple and easy are your criteria…NOT difficult or complex.)
   2.  In what order of priority?  Easiest to hardest? Hardest to easiest?  You choose.  Remember winning this satisfaction game is completion and some pleasure.
   3.  Do one–and ONLY one– at a time. Make a promise to yourself.  I promise to finish #1 before I start #2 . KEEP your promise. Got the idea?
   4.  After each completion, take a deep breath and OUT LOUD acknowledge that you did what you said. THANK YOURSELF! (Repeat until sincere!)

@Carol Courcy 2013, All Rights Reserved

Carol began earning her “stripes” as a coach in 1990 after three years of intensive study of ontological coaching. In 2000, Carol earned her MCC. Around that same time, came the realization of being a habitual self-sacrificing overachiever and like the weed kudzu, resentment had taken up residence in her emotional landscape.

While successful on the outside, inside she felt guilt and an ever present sense of inadequacy. She discovered she was not alone! In a business culture of "never enough and more is better" many of her hard working clients also felt pushed, rushed and obligated.

To counter act all this overdone striving, Carol invented emotional agility—the ability to leave any emotion we are over using—like  guilt or resignation--for better ways of being and doing-- like satisfaction and joy. Her goal? Easily moving in and out of emotions as needed! In 2012 Carol published her emotional agility step by step guide called SAVE YOUR INNER TORTOISE!

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