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Friday, March 16 2012
On the call yesterday a participant asked Barbara Luther, MCC for any tips as to what to do when she's "not feeling on" or focused.

Barbara gave 2 great suggestions/reminders for us all.

The first was self care, maintaining routines that help us to be fully present for our clients.

And the other was to "own it and bring it into the coaching session, we all have off days, we're all human". Barbara said she would say something like - I just got off an intense class, so lets pause a moment, take a breath and get present together.

I'm always fascinated and find it very beneficial when coaches share the various ways they have of dealing with what I believe are universal issues, so:
1.      What methods of self care do you find work the best for you?
2.      How do you get focused for a session or refocus in the middle of one if need be?
3.      How do you go about getting into and maintaining that "ready position" (as they say in tennis) for a coaching session with a client? For example what intentions, techniques, rituals etc do you use to help yourself come to neutral? How do you let go of what's going on in your own life as well as any possible preconceived notions or beliefs about the client? How do you as best as possible "get out of the way" before and perhaps during a session?

A few of my personal favorites are:

1. Meditation is what actually works best for me in answer to all three of the questions.  Of course I don't "meditate" in the middle of a session:) but will use one of the tools for meditation. If I'm feeling ungrounded, not focused or "in the way", I will focus for a moment on slowing down and deepening my breathing. At the same time, I remember to really amp up my listening and then I will reflect back what I've heard- that usually gets me back on track!

2. Remembering my intention before the session to be of the highest service is really important for me and of great help. I also have a picture on my desk that symbolizes that intention. And I look at it often!

3. Another very simple but really effective tool to help get you out of your head (which for me usually means I'm getting in the way!) is to simply place your hand over your heart. Try it, its amazing! Got that from one of the instructors when I was in school at ICA- and I'm thankful!

Now would love to hear what works for you!

Also for the future please let me know if there are any topics you would like discussed.
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