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Barbara McAllister MS, MCC

Barb McAllister was a supervisor, manager and director at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 26 years. She held increasingly responsible management and leadership positions in two regional offices as well as Headquarters. When she retired, she was Director of Air Quality for the Northwest. One of her most interesting assignments in government was Director, Office for Innovation. She enjoys hiking, yoga and meditation.

Since 2004, Barb has worked as an independent coach, consultant, and trainer. Coaching is the cornerstone of Barb’s practice, Thrive Coaching & Consulting. Barb excels in coaching stuck clients. She is a coach’s coach, and also specializes in coaching managers and leaders in government, women in transition, and individuals navigating change and adversity. Some of her newest offerings include a webinar for coaches, “How to Get Your Stuck Clients Unstuck,” that she co-leads with her partner Donna Zajonc.; mind/body/spirit retreats in beautiful locations which combine coaching with skiing, hiking and yoga; and coaching for individuals in recovery.

Barb is also known to be an expert in management, leadership and how to lead an organization through a change process.