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Friday, March 12 2021
My Circuits Were Blown!

I seem to be in the right space and the right place recently to have my circuits blown. My limiting beliefs are being exposed. And that place is "right" because it's allowing me to actually see something other than my belief, in action, followed by the remarkable results.

My latest experience occurred while hearing Tara Nolan's coaching session. The questions she asked her client were powerful and fascinating to me. They were so succinct and like a laser beam focused on what the client said she wanted. As coaches, of course we want to stay focused on what the client wants and not get interested in things that will just be a distraction. Hearing this session though, I have to say rocked my world. Who knew that attempting to clarify could possibly turn out to be just a distraction!

For example, there were times where I wasn’t clear on what the client was saying and would have asked for clarification or reflected back my understanding to make sure I was on the same page. Up until this session, I would have thought that was imperative. But with the specific laser beam type of questions Tara asked, the clarification that I felt was essential, wasn’t needed at all. In fact, I can see how it may have muddled the route and it certainly would have taken up more time. 

They say our normal patterns have to be disrupted in order for new awareness and learning to take place. Well disruption has occurred for me! And I am very grateful. Thanks to the Master's modeling, I now have among other things a more expansive and deeper understanding of focus and distraction.

To read more about Tara's session  (the client scenario and controversial topic and participant take-aways, look under the "MCC Exam Sessions" tab)

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Wednesday, February 17 2021
Tara Nolan MCC

We are so privileged! We get to go behind the curtain so to speak and hear a coaching session that passed the ICF MCC exam and the examiner's report.

And of course we get to debrief the session with Tara Nolan MCC and ask our questions. She's giving us a bonus 30 minutes to make sure we have plenty of time for it all.

Join us February 22!

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Thursday, February 11 2021
My Blind Spot That Blindsided Me

It was a very insightful MMC call with Marilyn Ohearne MCC mentoring her client Liz as we listened to Liz’s wonderful coaching session.

Marilyn is a known expert in cultural competence and all forms of bias.

I don’t know whether we can call what I experienced when hearing the coaching session a bias per se but it was most definitely a belief that created a huge blindspot for me.

In a nutshell:

The coached asked if there was anything the client needed before they began the session.

The client said a meditation.

The coach asked would there be a goal or intention?

The client said yes to help her get centered.

Then the coach asked would you like to lead the meditation or would you like for me to?

As silly or dramatic as it may sound, that question rocked my world! 

Of course, it’s about what the client wants and needs and we want to inquire to find out. And of course we don’t want to make assumptions, etc. That’s coaching 101, right?

And… it would never have occurred to me to ask if the client wanted to lead the meditation!

I’ve meditated for over 30 years; I’ve lead meditations and been led into meditation. And for whatever reason, it was not in my consciousness that this was even an option. Who, when asking for a meditation to center themselves, would want to lead the meditation themselves?

I’m pretty diligent about working with my limiting beliefs but I had no idea this belief was there and when revealed I was completely thrown for a loop. I don’t know that I would have ever been aware of it had I not heard this coaching session.

This was a tremendous gift for which I am really grateful. It has inspired me to be even more conscious, more aware.

It was a profound experience of how a belief can completely erase awareness and any possibility for choice. What an invaluable lesson, never to be forgotten!

If you'd like to read more about Marilyn's call and what other coaches had to say about it, please go to the past calls page and look under the "mentoring sessions" tab.

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Friday, December 18 2020
Coaching Silence on Steroids

In these continuing turbulent times we are living in, what's helping you stay centered?

Silence has always been my saving grace. And now more than ever it's my lifeline. It feeds my soul and restores my mind and body. This of course is a conscious decision I make to find and rest in the stillness. 

Over the years, the benefits of spontaneous silence have become more and more intriguing to me especially within the context of the coaching conversation.

Many of the Masters on this program have powerfully demonstrated the immense value of this in-the-moment choice to allow the quiet to reveal it's magic.

On this month's coaching call with Diana Ideus we got to hear the recording of one of her coaching exam sessions that passed the ICF MCC exam! She demonstrated during this session what I am calling silence on steroids! One coach participant said "Every coach needs to hear this call." 

If you'd like to read more about this call and some of the other participants take-aways please click here and look under the MCC Exam Sessions tab.

Hope you will feel inspired to listen and marvel!

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Monday, October 05 2020
A Never Before Coaching Experience

Coaches often discuss amongst themselves the advantages, disadvantages, benefits and challenges of 2 predominant coaching models: the more directive/consultative approach and the straight exploratory/discovery coaching style.

What's missing is the opportunity to compare both styles to each other with the same coach, the same client and the same issue.

This Grand Trine Coaching Experience does just that!  

We will have the never before opportunity to:

  • Hear coaching sessions with the same Master Coach and the same 2 clients on each call using the two different coaching models 
  • Delve into each client's experience of the 2 models and their results 
  • Debrief with the Master Coach and ask questions about both models and sessions

Neither of the clients is in the coaching profession. One has never had coaching and the other has only had marketing coaching before. They both will meet Ben for the first time on the call. 

This series is now over but you can read all about it on the past calls page under the "Grand Trine Experience" tab.

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Tuesday, September 22 2020
Master's Words to Remember
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Saturday, August 15 2020
Fran Fisher MCC

Where do coaches get stuck the most? Learn from an ICF Master Coach, Mentor and Assessor!

Fran Fisher will explain how to break through and take the Coaching Agreement to the next level.

We will explore the 3 vital areas:

  • Taking the clients exploration of their underlying issue deeper 
  • Measuring for success
  • Inviting the client to lead

Then to deepen and anchor the learning, we'll be listening to Frans demonstration of these areas at the master level in a real world session.

And finally to drive the learning home, we'll have a debrief and Q&A.

This call provides the full spectrum of learning!

Can it get any better than this? Oh yes it can, the call privides 1.5 CEU's!

Join us 8/27, 1-2:30pm EDT.

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Monday, June 22 2020
Sylviane Cannio MCC

This is a don't miss!!!
Master Coach Sylviane Cannio's super power is to be able to go deep with a client fast!
She'll be coaching a client who's never been coached before and this is the first time she and Sylviane will have met or spoken.

Read more and register

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Saturday, February 22 2020

Read more about the adventure and please come with us!

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Friday, February 14 2020
Meaningful Gift From Me to You!

As my Valentine’s Day gift of love, I am sharing with you a short video. It has nothing specifically to do with coaching and yet in my opinion has everything to do with coaching. It has everything to do with everything. It is mastery in action on every level that truly matters.

In coaching we talk about how important it is to explore not just the "doing" but even more importantly the "being".  In this video, Frank Ostaceski is "being" so real that it pierces the heart and the soul.  For me, it is the most moving and important interview I have ever been blessed to witness.

I hesitate to build it up so much as I guess there's a chance you may watch it and say whaaaaat? Granted it may not touch you to the extent it has me but I can't imagine there isn't something worthwhile in it for everyone. If nothing else, the very last thing he says is so powerful and speaks to very heart of coaching. To be able to take it to that level would revolutionize our lives.

I was very fortunate to meet this man when I worked for hospice in NYC. Frank is a pioneer in end of life care, he co-founded the Zen Hospice Project in San Fransisco and founded the Metta Institute to train others. I take Frank’s classes whenever I can and love his book; The 5 Invitations: What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully

In this 17 minute video, Frank shares the extraordinarily challenging journey he has been on. His rawness, vulnerability, honesty, humor and wisdom are disruptively moving and I am not the same person I was before watching it.

I hope you'll watch it and let me know what you honestly think.

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