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Monday, February 05 2018
Not to Fear but a Really Timely Warning to Prepare!

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Powerful is definitely the word to describe the call with Master Coach David Goldsmith last month. He did and said things that surprised and wowed us all, both in the coaching session and during the bonus Q&A.

This is what one participant had to say: “Brilliant coaching! David not only challenged the client, he challenged me to think about how I can add more value as a coach. His provocative comments about the future of coaching should be heeded by every coach.”

Those provocative comments in essence were that every day there are more and more people coming into the coaching profession. Every day coaches are growing and becoming "good" coaches.

But soon, good is not going to be good enough because he believes Alexa will soon take over that role! Then people will be able to receive coaching on a daily basis. Therefore human coaching rates will have to drop considerably and we will be in less demand... unless... we become a great coach, a provocative, risk taking coach.

As I said during the call- wow of all the things in life to be concerned about, this is one I had not even considered. But from my experience everything that at first seems troublesome, when looked at on a deeper level actually provides a much needed precious gift.

The gem that popped up first for me is that this is an important, timely reminder to not become complacent and a fabulous impetus to do whatever it takes to become greater! 

Here's to an exiting adventure!

To read about David's call and more comments from the participants go to the past calls page 

Posted by: Gail Moore CPC AT 01:24 pm   |  Permalink   |  1 Comment  |  Email
I'm not worried! All of my clients are looking for the individualized approach - no cliches, no platitudes - the interaction that comes from deep listening AND true feedback. I hear what David is saying - but what I/we do goes far beyond a programmed approach - even a great AI wouldn't be able to touch it yet. Maybe in 30 years!
Posted by Amy K Musson on 02/15/2018 - 07:38 PM

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