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Thursday, June 13 2019
Eavesdropping on an ICF MCC Exam

PCCs ask all the time "What does it take to go from PCC to MCC? What are the examiners looking for?"

Well we are going to get answers to these questions in an unprecedented way.

Thanks to Elene Cafasso MCC we will hear her coaching session that passed the MCC exam and awarded her the credential!

How often have you had that experience? Uh like never, right?

And then to further elucidate the whole experience and answer our questions Elene will be giving us an additional 30 minutes.

Elene is a recently minted MCC and she'll also be sharing with us about her journey and how her coaching practice if different.

No matter your level of coaching you dont want to miss this!

Even though the call is now over you dont have to miss it. 

Read more under the Executive tab.

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