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Wednesday, June 16 2021

No matter our level of coaching, let's dig in and get to the nitty gritty of what can make us a more masterful coach.

This particular modeling learning adventure is a great way to gain a clearer, deeper understanding of the competencies and how to artfully weave them into a session- all from a different angle!

As we listen to a colleague's real-world coaching session, our guest Master Coach Hayden Lee MCC will be demonstrating Master mentor coaching. Afterwards we'll have the chance to explore what we heard and ask our questions of Hayden and the coach.

Lucky us we get to hear 2 coaching demonstrations in one call!

Are you ready for one light bulb moment after another? Then please join us. You can read more and register here.

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Sunday, May 23 2021

What do we get from hearing a coaching session that passed the ICF MCC exam?

  • The gold standard of coaching in our profession
  • Nothing less than masterful coaching that we might adopt and then have to unlearn
  • The highest to aspire to and be inspired by

What do we get from hearing the examiner's scoring and feedback?

  • The breakdown of what was masterfully done
  • Always with room to grow, where those possibilities lie
  • A better understanding of what they are looking for and why

Why else is this so special?

  • It's a never before peak behind the ICF examination curtain that is only available through Moore Master Coaching
  • The Masters and their clients are blessing us by allowing us to hear these recordings
  • The Masters debrief the sessions, the feedback and answer any questions about the coaching, the MCC journey and or the process

Don't miss it!

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Monday, April 19 2021

Marion's highly acclaimed book The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching: A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching is power packed!

Its full of "unprecedented" concepts and information that will help all coaches to transform their coaching, no matter what their level.

We will get to hear these concepts in-action as Marion coaches a real-world coaching session.

Afterwards we will discuss with her how the concepts played out in her session and ask any question.

Join us Thursday April 22 from 1-2pm EDT.

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