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Monday, October 18 2021
Tony Latimer MCC

We are back this month to the excitement and unpredictability of a live in the moment real world coaching session!

Leadership transition Master Coach Tony Latimer will be coaching a corporate client he has never met before. We will then be debriefing and asking Tony our questions.

Tony is also giving us a bonus 30 minutes for additional Q&A and a discussion on coaching without a model.

Join us Thursday October 21, 2021 from 10-11:30am Eastern.

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Tuesday, September 14 2021
Diana Ideus MCC

If you missed this live call, no worries it was recorded! So you can read all about it and what the participants had to say on the past calls page under the "ICF Exam Sessions" tab. Coaches love these calls and getting to hear the examiner's feedback and scoring!

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Friday, August 13 2021
Mary Anna Wright MCC

These coaching sessions that passed the ICF MCC exam are not to be missed. So if you didnt make it to the live call please take a moment to check it out by going to the past calls page and looking under the "ICF Exam Sessions"

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